Top 8 Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes Reviews In 2019

One of the major attributes that set professional tennis players apart from novices is their flexibility. They can run from one end of the court to another fluidly and without sacrificing personal safety in any way. Even though training improves the performance of tennis players over time, their shoes also have a role to play. They are light and comfortable. Their fit is optimal, while their flexible high traction outsoles boost the performance of people on gravel, clay, and even bitumen. To improve your safety and performance during an upcoming competition, buying such comfortable tennis shoes is a good idea. They benefit men, women, and children and come in several interesting designs that last for years.

List Of Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes Reviews

8. Caitlin Sneakers

Caitlin Sneakers

When playing tennis, people dust their old pair of running shoes and wear them to their local court. Even though such shoes can protect your feet from injuries, they are equally dangerous to play with for long. Because of their poorly balanced designs, for instance, players are at risk of twisting and or injuring their ankles. They also compromise the mobility of people and therefore their performance. A versatile running tennis shoe such as Caitlin will serve you well for numerous reasons. They are comfortable on the tarmac and off-road. Their pliable MD outsoles also absorb and then dissipate shock efficiently without compromising the flexibility and or movement of people. During hot summer months, this is one of the best tennis shoes to use outdoors. Made from a breathable mesh, its upper keeps the feet cool and dry. Its stylish design is not only stylish but also has a well-finished low-top design that does not irritate the help or ankle. It boosts the fluidity of people while maximizing safety at the same time.


  • Non-irritant low-top design
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Flexible MD outsole (non-slip)
  • Traditional lace-up closure
  • Versatile design (running/playing)
  • Engineered stitching (durable)

7. ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5

In the sports, casual and running shoe niches, ASICS has many trusted items that serve millions of people well to date. The Gel-Dedicate 5, for instance, is a stylish off-white tennis shoe, with a 100% synthetic and textile upper. Even though light, the material is durable. Exposed to water, UV, or mud, it does not stain nor cracks easily. Furthermore, when dirty, you can clean it easily using a damp cloth. Adapted for sports, this shoe’s low-top design is beneficial in many ways. First, compared to trendy high top shoes that are popular online, it is significantly lighter. Its Trusstic system and Gel cushioned forefoot on the other hand, not only boost its stability, but also shock attenuation. In synergy, these systems maximize the safety of the player. They also boost the productivity and the endurance of tennis players.


  • Shock attenuating rubber sole
  • Light synthetic and textile upper
  • Long-lasting rubber sole (solid)
  • GEL cushioned forefoot
  • Trusstic System Technology
  • Interesting selection of colors

6. Adidas Barricade Club

Adidas Barricade Club

The Barricade Club tennis shoe from Adidas is a reputable player endorsed product that stands out. If you want a comfortable shoe that is breathable and durable as well, this is a novel choice. Its breathable textile upper is beneficial during hot days. Your sweaty feet will stay cool and dry devoid of the type of tennis court you play on every day. The material is also surprisingly durable. Even though light, it does not tear nor frays easily under abuse. The design of this shoe’s Adiprene+ tennis shoe is a hit with professional tennis players. Made from solid rubber, it has a tough and non-slip design that works flawlessly on most surfaces. On clay or tarmac courts, you can stop easily without it skidding or disintegrating over time. For additional comfort, this shoe has a shock absorbing removable insole (padded). Moreover, due to its low top design, irritation and or injuries are not common whilst in use.


  • Textile upper (100%)
  • Long wearing rubber sole
  • Low top shaft
  • Removable insole

5. Champion Gusto

Champion Gusto

Over the years, thousands of women have adopted tennis as their preferred sport to stay in shape. This has seen a rise in demand for colorful tennis shoes for women that are light and comfortable as well. To receive one that your wife, daughter, or over will love, Champion Gusto is a suitable brand. Like the Adidas Barricade Club and Caitlin Sneakers that we have talked about, women love its lightweight fabric upper. In addition to playing tennis like a pro, you can run and exercise in these shoes all day long. Its soft lining and removable insole (memory foam) also stand out. They cradle the foot comfortably. They also retain the natural gait of the feet, which protect individuals from shoe-induced career-ending injuries. Finally, for stability, Champion Gusto has a non-marking outsole that is lightweight as well. With this shoe, your fluidity and therefore performance will improve significantly on tennis courts.


  • Breathable fabric upper
  • Foam padded insole
  • Non-marking outsole (rubber)
  • Lined and non-irritant interior
  • Colorful women’s shoes

4. Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer

Sought-after by professional tennis players alike, Adidas has put a lot of effort in the production of Cloudfoam QT Racer. If the rugged and poorly balanced shoe that you have at home stresses you, this is a better option. Manufactured using a lined (textile) synthetic fabric, for instance, this is a comfortable shoe. People with sensitive feet or medical issues such as neuropathy love this. Even without socks, you can wear and play in them for long without irritating your feet. Furthermore, because of its moldable Cloudfoam MEMORY sockliner, you will love the superior step-in comfort that this shoe delivers. Finally, made from a metal covered with synthetic leather, this shoe’s heel patch is stable. Wearing and removing it is easy. It also retains its shape well for long and maximizes the stability of the foot, which boosts safety. With a pair of fitting Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer shoes, therefore, you will not strain your feet whilst playing tennis. It also boosts ankle support and safety.


  • Cloudfoam MEMORY sockliner
  • Stable heel patch (leather/metal)
  • Lined (textile) synthetic upper
  • Stable low top shaft
  • Superior step-in comfort

3. YILAN Fashion Sneakers

YILAN Fashion Sneakers

All women who enjoy tennis need a pair of elegant performance-grade shoes in their closets. Designed to boost the performance of players while maximizing comfort as well, YILAN sneakers offer these benefits. It comes in elegant shades of pink, purple, and navy. It also has a professional design that features a light fabric upper and a breathable insole. Combined, the upper and insole create a light air-like feel around the feet, which tennis players love. Movement in these sneakers is seamless. Their materials are durable and reliable.


  • Elegant colors and shades
  • Breathable insole
  • Lightweight fabric upper
  • Light and comfortable sneakers

2. Nike Air Monarch IV

Nike Air Monarch IV

Nike Air Monarch IV is slightly heavier (12 ounces) than some recommended brands. This does not mean you receive a cumbersome pair of shoes that weight down players. Because of their fully encapsulated interior, these are among the most supportive and comfortable tennis shoes in Its air sole units cradle and cushion the feet comfortably. Its leather upper, on the other hand, has perforations that maximize airflow to its interior. People with sweaty feet and or play on hot outdoor courts like this. The feet stay cool and comfortable as you train or engage in a competitive one versus one match. Nike Air Monarch IV is a low top tennis shoe. Its low-profile shaft is both stable and supportive. The solid rubber used to make its outsole, on the other hand, has excellent traction on smooth and rugged surfaces.


  • Durable manmade shoe
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Encapsulated air sole (synthetic)
  • Perforated leather upper

1. New Balance Mx608v4

New Balance Mx608v4

Due to its competition-grade design, New Balance Mx608v4 is a renowned tennis shoe for men with a stable low-top design. Rollovers are not common. Made from leather, you get a durable shoe that will serve you well for years. Cared for well, the material does not rip easily. Moreover, using a soft brush and damp cloth, you can clean it easily when needed. Unlike some leather and suede shoes, New Balance Mx608v4 does not choke nor irritate the feet if worn for long. Its well-finished interior has a breathable lining (textile) that maximizes comfort. Its rubber sole has shock absorbing properties, while its padded EVA foot bed cradles and positions the foot naturally. This minimizes the risk of injuries such as sprains.


  • Lined leather shoe
  • Lace-up closure
  • Rubber outsole (non-marking)
  • The heel has a pull-tab
  • Padded mesh tongue

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