Top 8 Modern Movement Bras Reviews In 2021

Modern movement brassieres are chic and comfortable accessories with durable and functional designs. If you feel like crap in your old and or worn out brassieres, therefore, buying one is a superb decision. Because of their modern aesthetics, they blend with most women’s clothes. They are also comfortable, have unique cup combinations, and importantly, support and lift breasts naturally. Whether you have small, medium-sized, or large breasts, we have a product for you. These eight picks suit most women.

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8. Nasse Double-Support

Nasse Double-Support

Has your self-confidence dipped significantly because of the shape of your breasts? Do your nipples show over clothes and attract you weird stares outdoors? This double support Nasse movement brassier is a popular remedy. Recommended for securing breasts under T-shirts, its adjustable design has unique 3/4 cups that deliver good results. In terms of support, for instance, you will love how they cradle and shape the breasts. A new one will add bulk to your chest without irritating your skin. Both cups have padding for comfort. Moreover, the skin-friendly cotton lining on their interior has a breathable design that wicks heat and sweat. Made from 89% polyamide, this brassiere has a machine washable design.


  • Supportive � cups
  • Skin-friendly lining (cotton)
  • Adjustable hook/eye closure
  • Padded interior
  • Machine washable design

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7. Anita Momentum

Anita Momentum

Underwired brassieres are not as irritant as some women have made them seem. A well-finished sports-grade one such as Anita Momentum will improve how you go about your days for these reasons. First, if support is one of your main requirements, you will love its seamless and underwired cups. The fit over breasts of most shapes and sizes comfortably. Each cup also has a stabilized cupped shape with an ergoline underwire that supports and lifts breasts. Even if you have saggy breasts, your chest will look full and shapely. Depending on the size of the brassiere you get, you get a three or four hook closure for customizing its fit. Its stretchy net back is breathable.


  • Seamless underwire cups
  • Moisture-wicking inside cup
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Hand wash safe brassiere
  • Three or four hook closures
  • Light polyester (45%) and polyamide (40%)

6. Ekouaer T-shirt Bra

Ekouaer T-shirt Bra

Bulky brassieres look ugly under T-shirts. Very light ones, on the other hand, often fail to offer the support that most women need. To look stunning, you need a “borderline” T-shirt brassiere such as Ekouaer. Made from 85% polyamide, it is light yet sturdy. The material not only retains its shape well for long but also supports, lifts, and smoothens heavy breasts. Moreover, recommended for party lovers and the working class, its comfortable design stands out. The stretch band in the midst of its 3/4 cups delivers a snug and comfortable fit. Both cups also have padding and a smooth lining that offers all-day comfort. Unlike some brassieres that peek out of V-neck T-shirts, Ekouaer is stunning. Its low neckline is not only stunning but also keeps its hidden under V-neck T-shirts or tops with a plunging neckline.


  • Flattering low neckline
  • Padded and lined cups
  • Stabilized polyamide (85%)
  • Seamless stretch band in the middle
  • Two-row and three-column closure

5. Glamorise Full Figure

Glamorise Full Figure

To look good in a brassiere without flaunting your cleavage, you need a high-quality full-figure brassiere. Glamorise, for instance, is a wire-free and non-padded model, optimized to deliver excellent support. Made from a non-stretch polyester (62%), it retains its shape after several washes. Both cups also have a unique Magiclift design that maximizes both comfort and support. With one, thus, the days of your breasts sagging weirdly outdoors will be long gone. Moreover, because it distributes weight evenly on the back, it prevents the development of back and shoulder pain over this. These are common health issues for women with fuller busts with very heavy breasts.


  • Wire-free full figure cups
  • Cups are non-padded
  • Thick and comfortable straps
  • Unique Magiclift design
  • Moisture-wicking polyester (62%)
  • Machine-washing safe

4. Maidenform Flexees

Maidenform Flexees

The Maidenform Flexees is a dream brassiere for thousands of women. If you are one of them, you can now find it online and in brick and motor stores that stock lingerie. This hand washable 80% nylon torsette is valuable in numerous ways. The fact that it lifts the breasts and tones the entire torso makes it an ideal shapewear for women. If you like tight clothes, you will look lean and stunning in one. Its shoulder straps are thick and supportive, while its flexible design does not restrict movements in any way. You can work and study in this accessory without overheating. Partying in one is also fun, particularly for women who enjoy dancing all night long.


  • Tones breasts and torso
  • Flexible fitting apparel
  • Wide and secure straps
  • Cool nylon (80%) fabric
  • Hand washable product

3. Bali One Smooth Bra

Bali One Smooth Bra

Bali will push up your breasts and smooth out their contours to leave you looking young and attractive. Its full cover cups are smooth and comfortable. Both have underwires for support and a stretchy center panel for a comfortable fit. This makes it suitable for women with small or large breasts. Moreover, as your breasts transform due to pregnancy, you do not have to change your brassier often. This one will transform with your body. It is 80% nylon. Its plastic fittings are non-irritant, while its elastic straps are adjustable to fit short and tall women. Bali comes in many colors.


  • Durable plastic hardware
  • Lace side supports
  • Non-irritant underwire
  • Adjustable closure (hook/eye)
  • Full coverage cups
  • Lace trimmed center panel

2. Bali One Smooth

Bali One Smooth

Bali one smooth is a modern-looking and ultra-comfortable brassiere made from 91% polyester. It has a lined interior (100% nylon). If you have sensitive skin or breasts, expect all day comfort whilst using this brassiere. Its thick cups and illusion neckline are also unique. The former not only offers full-coverage of breasts but also supports and shapes them. The latter, on the other hand, enables women to flaunt their cleavages without looking cheap or slutty. If your T-shirts have plunging V necklines, compliment them with this brassiere. Bali has slings (side support) that offer additional lift and support of breasts. It also has a double row of hook and eye closures on the back and crisscross straps that you can adjust to fit.


  • Adjustable criss-cross straps
  • Supportive side slings
  • Stylish illusion neckline
  • Contoured full coverage cups
  • Lined with nylon (100%)

1. Playtex 18 Hour

Playtex 18 Hour

The breast and back smoothing design of Playtex 18 Hour has made it sought-after by corporates. However, everyday Janes who love to look good can also benefit from this versatile polyester brassiere. Its silky smooth design, for instance, is comfortable under clothing. Worn under most clothes, it smooths the contours of the body without its seams showing. Its pushback inner band maintains its shape for hours, while its hand washable design is easy to maintain. While traveling, therefore, it is a suitable brassiere to have in your suitcase. When dirty, you only need water and soap to clean it.


  • Silky smooth polyester
  • Stable inner band (pushback)
  • Hand-washable brassiere
  • Smooths the back and breasts
  • Seamless cups (wire-free)

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