Top 10 Easton Catchers Gear Reviews In 2021

Here we are sliding into another baseball, softball, little league season, and you’ll need to get new catcher gear for Easton catchers gear is undoubtedly some of the best available. Whether your catcher is catching a steaming fastball, a rocketing hardball, or slow-pitch softball, they need protection behind the plate. Some of that stuff from year’s past is on its last leg, and if you want your catcher to have protection for theirs, you’ll need new shin guards. Also, take a good look at that mask and chest protector. Maybe those could use a replacement as well. If you can’t afford it all, ask the other parents, they pitch in to ensure their children have the best catchers gear. However, don’t just order it because it’s Easton, pick the best Easton catchers gear available. We’re here to help you do just that.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit

Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit

This Under Armour catchers kit includes a chest protector, catching helmet, leg guards, and neck protector, all with Aegis microbe shields to guard against odor. Every piece gets made from impact-resistant ABS designed for deflecting and absorbing blows from balls, bats, and other players. Just what the active catcher needs to protect them behind the plate. This catching gear ensemble is ideal for 9-12-year-old entry to intermediate-level players.


  • Includes chest protector, catching helmet, and leg guards
  • Recommended for the 9-12 age group
  • Aegis Microbe Shield guards against microbes that cause odor
  • High-impact-resistant ABS plastic shell

9. Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set

Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set

The Easton Youth Catcher Bos Set is a great beginner set for 9-12-year-olds. Your kids should get two or three years of use from this if well taken care of during that time. You’ll get everything you need to equip your beginner catcher. They’ll confidently chase down foul balls and errant pitches with the pro-type helmet and throat protector. These double-knee leg guards will give them the protection they need behind the dish. This pro-style padded helmet will prevent many of the serious head injuries, and the four-inch throat protector will keep their neck safe as well.


  • Black Magic Helmet (6″ – 7″)
  • Black Magic 14″ Chest Protector
  • Black Magic 12.7″ Leg Guards
  • Great set for 9-12-year-old beginners

Other Topics:

8. Easton Intermediate M7 Catcher Box Set

Easton Intermediate M7 Catcher Box Set

The Easton Intermediate Box Set is designed for 12 to 15-year-old intermediate players; however, a big ten or 11-year-old might fit into the M7 gear. The helmet fits size 7″ through 7 7/8.” The helmet might be a little big for a tweener, though you can add some padding to make it fit longer. This catcher’s set is well-built and a good value for the price. The 12 and 13 year-olds really like the pro-style and fit. M7 refers to size.


  • M7 Helmet
  • M7 Chest Protector
  • M7 Leg Guards
  • Well-made Easton products
  • Durable set that should last your 12-year-old through their intermediate years

7. Easton Black Magic Youth Catchers 2.0 Protective Box Set

Easton Black Magic Youth Catchers 2.0 Protective Box Set

The Easton Black Magic junior youth ages six to eight catcher protective box set includes an ABS hockey-style Hockey shell helmet with a steel cage and dual-density foam. The black matte finish looks intimidating, but the interior provides potent protection against head injuries. What coaches and youth alike love about the Black Magic are the easy on and off Velcro fasteners and the lock-down easy release closure system.


  • ABS Shell Helmet with Steel Cage fits sizes 6 1/8″ to 7″
  • Dual-density foam & double knee protection
  • Junior youth ages 6 – 8
  • Matte black finish

6. Easton Adult Custom Catchers Set — Size M10

Easton Adult Custom Catchers Set — Size M10

This catcher’s set is for the big boys and girls of summer. Whether you’re playing semi-pro league, fastpitch, or slow-pitch softball, you’ll love the added protection provided by this adult-sized catcher’s gear set. The Easton Adult catcher’s set comes with patented Trublock anti-roll design for leg protection. This is a complete set of catcher’s gear to protect you behind the plate and save your money season after season. This custom set includes an easy release chest protector, leg guards, and catcher’s helmet with cage. This set is very adjustable, so your growing teens could use it for two or three seasons.


  • Triblock anti-roll design
  • Inner knee protection (Kip) and zero-shock memory foam
  • Adjustable knee pads
  • Exos ventilation System

5. Mizuno Boy’s Youth Samurai Catchers Gear Box Set

Mizuno Boy's Youth Samurai Catchers Gear Box Set

The Mizuno catcher’s gearbox set with big gear bag included. The kids really love the Mizuno Samurai label. This Mizuno Samurai box includes almost everything you’ll need but a mitt, a bat, and a ball. You’ll get the Samurai leg guards, helmet, plus chest protector in this complete catcher’s protection set. Typically, these are big enough and durable enough to last the average catcher two or three seasons.


  • Samurai youth helmet with 3-layer EVA foam padding
  • Samurai youth helmet fits size 6 ½” to 7 ¼”
  • Samurai youth chest protector size 14″
  • Samurai Youth Shin Guards size 14 ½”

4. Easton PRO X Baseball Catchers Equipment Series Box Set

Easton PRO X Baseball Catchers Equipment Series Box Set

This high-quality Easton Pro X box set is NOCSAE approved and comes in red, black, navy, or royal blue. The helmet with a black interior steel cage and a flat middle bar improves visibility to help protect the catcher from blindside hits. It contains shock-absorbing Poron XRDa, in the upper crown area. The comfortable padding is wrapped with a breathable air mesh and lined with BioDria. Your catcher will love the fabric with moisture-wicking and ergonomic chin cup that improves communication and fit.


  • Meets NOCSAEA standard for every level
  • Two-tone matte shell exterior
  • ABS plastic shell and strategic airflow vents
  • Helmet with the black interior steel cage

3. Wilson C1K Catcher’s Gear Kit

Wilson C1K Catcher's Gear Kit

First, it’s a Wilson, one of the premier names in baseball equipment. This kit is identical to the Wilson Pro-style catcher’s gear, which includes a catcher’s helmet, the leg guards, and adult or intermediate size chest protector. The glossy finished helmet comes with a removable moisture-wicking and chin pads, adjustable straps to accommodate different catchers. This C1K Catcher’s Gear Set has the long-lasting, season-long protection you need. High-density chest protector with a foam padding for ultimate protection and comfort.


  • Glossy finish helmet
  • Helmet meets NOCSAE protection standard
  • Helmet Size 7 1/8″ to 7 ½”
  • 15″ Leg Guards with inner knee protection (Kip)
  • Recommended for 15 and up ages

2. Louisville Slugger PG Youth Series 5 Catchers Set

Louisville Slugger PG Youth Series 5 Catchers Set

Nothing says baseball quite like Louisville Slugger! This set comes in nine color combinations for your team’s choice, orange/black, black/orange, gray/black, black/scarlet, navy/gray, royal/gray, gray/royal, and gray/scarlet. Made with ultra-tough, yet lightweight material to keep you protected, but easily moves with you. Built to keep all skill level catchers in the game.


  • NOCSAE approved helmet in a matte or glossy finish with moisture-wicking
  • Precision padding designed double-density chest protector
  • Anatomically inspired shin guards
  • Double knee design

1. The Easton Fundamental by Jen Schro — Female Catcher’s Protective Box Set

The Easton Fundamental by Jen Schro — Female Catcher's Protective Box Set

When you try this catcher’s protective box set on, you’ll understand why we chose this as the number Easton Catchers Gear set. Designed by a woman for women. It has padding wear women need padding the most. All fastpitch catchers know their job is the most dangerous and toughest on the field. That’s one of the reasons they love it, and exactly why they love the Fundamental by Easton.


  • Breathable & lightweight chest protector
  • Extra inner knee foam shin guards
  • NOCSAE approved streamlined helmet & steel cage
  • Box set includes shin guards, helmet, and chest protector

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