Top 8 Bra Sizes In Order Reviews In 2019

Brassieres are essential women’s underwear. As we grow, brassieres help us to maintain our modesty. They contain breasts in loose clothing such as blouses. If your heavy breasts strain your back and or shoulders, you need a quality brassiere as well. Sports-grade brands, for instance, not only support but also lift and shape the breasts naturally. They enable women to go about their day-to-day activities in peace, while looking good at the same time. To enjoy these and other benefits, pay attention to the size and type of brassiere you buy. Ill-fitting ones are irritant. Bulky ones show under clothing without offering optimal support of the breasts. Herein, we have listed eight brands that are comfortable and supportive.

List Of  Bra Sizes In Order Reviews

8. Jushye New Swimwear


A snapshot of the bikinis that women wear to the beach nowadays reveals a worrying trend. The ill-fitting one-piece bikinis most women wear to the beach do a great disservice to their bodies. To upgrade your boring mom look whenever you are spending time with friends, add Jushye to your wardrobe today. This two-piece bikini has a soothing bandage design with quality components. Its push up padded top, for instance, and shapes the breasts comfortably. Moreover, because of its superior support and lift, it is beneficial to women with big and or heavy breasts. Women who engage in rigorous beach sports also find it fun to use. The stretchy polyester used to make Jushye is breathable. It also has a smooth and well-finished interior with flat seams that do not dig into the skin and or irritate women.


  • Padded bandage top (push up)
  • Breathable polyester fabric
  • Comfortable two-piece design
  • Fashionable halter neck

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7. Gorsenia K378 Victoria

Gorsenia K378 Victoria

Even though brassieres are underwear, any cheap-looking one will not serve you well. If you are upgrading your old stock, look for something that will make you feel good about yourself. Gorsenia K378 is such a product. Attainable in black, white, and beige, you have several colors to choose from. This lightweight synthetic fabric (non-padded) used to make it also stands out. Its smooth interior does not irritate sensitive breasts. It also has a breathable mesh insert that keeps its users cool, and full cups that support and shape large breasts comfortably. With one, you will feel energized at work. It also fits comfortably and discretely under tight evening gowns.


  • Non-padded cups (full)
  • Breathable mesh insert
  • Light synthetic fabric
  • Glistening pendant and bow
  • Wide and adjustable straps

6. Core 10 Cross Back

Core 10 Cross Back

Front zip brassieres are in demand from women because of their versatility. They are easy to wear and remove. They also come in a plethora of novel designs for different women. If you have an active lifestyle but struggle to support and shape your breasts, Core 10 will serve you well. This cross-back black brassiere has a 4-way stretch design that offers medium support. Secured well, it minimizes the bounce of breasts. This minimizes the risk of chest and back injuries as you work out on a treadmill. Moreover, the padded polyamide fabric (75%) used to make its cups shapes the breasts naturally. If you wear tight gym tops or T-shirts often, therefore, it is advisable that you order one online. Lined using 100% polyester, Core 10 is comfortable. You can adjust its straps for a custom fit and lock its zipper for security.


  • Locking front zipper
  • Polyester lining (100%)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Tight main fabric (75% polyester)

5. Just My Size (Front Close)

Just My Size (Front Close)

Every day, plus size women struggle with the thin and irritant straps on some brands of brassieres. Others compromise support for comfort, which has its own cons as well. To solve such issues on a budget, this fitting front close brassiere from Just My Size is all you need. This is a wire-free brassiere. However, the non-stretch nylon (90%) used to make it has stitched in support, which improved lift. Its thick and wide straps are also handy. They distribute weight evenly across the back and shoulder. This eases the strain on back and shoulder muscles and protects women with heavy breasts from injuries. Just My Size has a secure hook and closure system (front mounted). The system is not only easy to use but is also adjustable to customize the fit of this brassiere. Its contoured V-neck, on the other hand, enables you to flaunt your breasts without looking slutty.


  • Contoured V-neck
  • Wire-free cups
  • Front mounted closure
  • Spandex/nylon fabric
  • Machine washable

4. Vanity Fair Illumination

Vanity Fair Illumination

Over the years, underwire brassieres have earned a bad reputation of being uncomfortable. However, this is not always the case. Premium brands such as Vanity Fair Illumination, deliver memorable results. Its full-figure underwired design, for instance, is super supportive. Whether you are looking to puff your chest or support your breasts to soothe back pain, consider using this brassiere. Its cups have a smooth satin lining that does not irritate the breasts. Its non-slip straps (leotard), on the other hand, do not bunch nor roll over the shoulders over time. Therefore, expect better zoned in support with this brassiere. It will also shape and then lift your breast naturally as well.


  • Satin-lined cups
  • Zoned-in support
  • Durable nylon (90%)
  • Non-slip leotard straps
  • Hook and eye closure

3. Fruit of the Loom Front Close

Fruit of the Loom Front Close

Fruit of the Loom is home to simple brassieres that are surprisingly very effective. If you have tried out expensive sports bras with poor results, check out this front close one. Its built-up wire-free design offers moderate support. Moreover, made from 95% cotton, its unlined design is light and breathable. During hot days, it will keep your body cool, which is a major issue with bulky synthetic brassieres. Finally, the front mounted closure on this movable cotton brassiere is convenient. Whilst preparing for the gym, you do not need the help of another person to secure it. In a single swift move, you can adjust its fit on the fly as well. Fruit of the Loom brassieres for women comes in many sizes.


  • Breathable cotton fabric (95%)
  • Unlined wire-free cups
  • Front mounted closure
  • Variable band sizes (34-36)
  • Machine washable design

2. Fruit of the Loom Built-up

Fruit of the Loom Built-up

This pack of built up sports bras is suitable for women looking for versatile day-to-day brassieres on a budget. Each package contains three brassieres in different colors. The brassieres contain 95% cotton and have a stretchy 2-ply construction that is supportive. They also lack wires, closures, and tags that often irritate women or show under clothing. Finally, these pullover style brassieres look stunning under most types of clothing. They look great under tight T-shirts. They are also comfortable under shirts.


  • Pack of three cotton (95%) brassieres
  • Smooth and supportive design
  • Interesting color options
  • Full coverage (pullover style)
  • Machine washable brassieres

1. MIRITY Racerback

MIRITY Racerback

The risk of back and chest injuries is highest among women who engage in rigorous workouts. To improve support and safety, you need a high-impact racerback brassiere such as MIRITY. Made from a tough sweaty wicking fabric, it is perfect for training. It not only supports breasts well but also distributes weight evenly across the shoulder through its thick straps. This lowers the risk of injuries. It also enables women to work out for longer without getting tired. MIRITY has strategically placed cutouts for aeration. During hot days, you will feel comfortable in this sports brassiere.


  • Pullover style sports bra
  • Removable pads for support
  • Have cutouts for aeration
  • Comfortable racer back design

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