Top 10 Best Pressure Washers Reviews In 2020

Pressure washers automatically pump water and it is shot through a nozzle and a much better option that any water garden hose. It is highly effective for cleaning outdoor surfaces, cars and more as dirt and grime are forced from the surface. Some of the main features and specification we look for when doing research for the top 10 best pressure washer include the cleaning power, pounds per square inch and gallons per minute. Other features we consider are pumps, motors, hoses, nozzles and attachments.

The Best Selling Products

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10. XtremepowerUS Electric Pressure Washer


The corded electric XtremepowerUS is powerful and excellent when you look at a budget option to clean green houses, outdoor equipment, patios, bikes, cars, boats and more. You have a 33 feet cord and the retracted reel of 20 feet. Included with the pressure washer is three nozzle spray tips that allows you different cleaning action and spray volumes.

Product Specification And Features

  • A weight of 39 pounds
  • Dimensions of 15 x 31 x 14.5 inches
  • Retracted reel
  • 20-foot hose
  • 33-foot cord with plug
  • Three spray tips
  • Maximum cleaning power with 1.7GPM and 2000PSI

Advantages Of The Product

  • Great for cleaning green houses, patios, outdoor equipment, bikes and cars

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9. Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX 200E


The Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX 200E is one of the lightest and most compact pressure washers when you have a problem with storage while still needing a pressure washer. It has a ten amps cleaning power while you get 1350 pounds of pressure that is more than adequate to clean grime, dirt and grease off your outdoor appliances, driveways and patios and more. It is ultra lightweight and very portable and a total stop technology to prolong motor life.

Product Specification And Features

  • Weight of 9.15 pounds
  • Includes extension wand, 35 feet power cord, garden hose adapter, high pressure hose
  • Features total stop system to prolong pump life and save energy
  • Powerful ten-amp motor
  • Great for medium and light cleaning jobs
  • Pumps 1.45 gallons of water per minute

Advantages Of The Product

  • Two-year warranty
  • CSA approved
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Dirt blasting power

8. Sun Joe SPX4001


The Sun Joe is a top name in pressure washers and the SPX4001 allows you to do a professional cleaning job with its twin power cleaning options. you can tackle heavy duty cleaning with the high setting offering 2030 PSI, while light jobs can be completed at Low with 1450 PSI. it is quick and easy to set up and use with a twenty feet pressure hose and power cord of 35 feet.

Product Specification And Features

  • 1800 watts
  • 14.5 amps motor
  • 54.1 ounces tank
  • Five connecting tips chooses spraying power
  • Suitable for light jobs and intense cleaning

Advantages Of The Product

  • Safety lock switch
  • Pressure selection option

7. Excell EPW 2123100


The gas powered Excell EPW is ideal for pressure washing outdoors for example decks, cars and boats, patio furniture, driveways and more. The motor is a powerful 212 cc with a heavy-duty cage frame to protect it from damage while in use. It comes equipped with ten-inch wheels that will never go flat for increased maneuverability.

Product Specification And Features

  • Heavy duty brass pump
  • Soap siphon
  • 10-inch never flat wheels
  • 25-feet hose
  • Five quick fit nozzles
  • 212 cc motor
  • Weight of 76 pounds
  • Dimensions of 23 x 17 x 24 inches

Advantages Of The Product

  • Collapsible handle for easy storage and transport
  • Onboard hose with storage

6. Sun Joe SPX4000


The Sun Joe is packed with versatility, high performance and power with a 14.5-amp motor and 1800 watts of power. This combination has the ability to generate 2030 PSI that will adequately remove all grime, gunk, grease and dirt. It comes with five tips that works with quick-connect technology that allows you to choose your spray action. The extension wand, needle clean out tool, garden hose adapter, power cord and twenty-feet high hose are welcome accessories making any job simple.

Product Specification And Features

  • 14. 5-amp motor
  • 1.76 GPM
  • 2030 PSEI
  • Pressure hose of 20 feet high
  • Power cord of 35 inches long

Advantages Of The Product

  • 54.1-ounce detergent tank
  • Power saving system

5. Karcher K1700


The Karcher is easy to use with a foot pedal allowing you to turn the machine on or off lessening strain. Unique power cord storage allows you to store your personal items while you are using the pressure washer. It cleans all outdoor surfaces with its 1700 PSI and 1.2 GPM electric pressure. With the Karcher you get a solid and durable pressure washer with a heavy-duty frame with integrated metal extrusions.

Product Specification And Features

  • M22 hose connectors
  • Quick-connect wands
  • Innovative foot on and off switch
  • Removable detergent tank
  • Bucket storage bin
  • Tall handle
  • Robust design
  • Oversized wheels
  • Three nozzles included

Advantages Of The Product

  • Three-year warranty
  • Zero tools required for five-minute setup

4. Greenworks 1500


The Greenworks pressure washer comes with a35 feet cord that will work perfectly on any outdoor surface. Two quick connect tips with 25 and 40 degrees allow you to change the nozzles according to required work. It has a trigger handle and soap applicator when you additional surface cleaning power. It is very stable and one of the few on the market that works equally well in a horizontal or vertical position.

Product Specification And Features

  • 35 feet power cord
  • Soap applicator
  • Pressure hose of 20-foot-high two quick-connect tips
  • Versatile with ability to clean horizontally or vertically

Advantages Of The Product

  • Cleans any surface
  • Lightweight and compact

3. Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3001


The other best alternative is the Sun joe SPX 3001 and ideal for medium and lighter tasks. It features a 14.5 motor, the water per minute is 2030 PSI dishing out 1.76 gallons of water every minute. It gives you flexibility and added function with a long hose reel, while the compact design is a great advantage to move it around easily. It is perfect for several cleaning applications including washing cars, decks, windows and more. It was designed to work well for light duty applications and some mid-level cleaning too.

Product Specification And Features

  • Quick connect nozzles
  • 35-inch sprayer
  • 20 feet reel
  • 1.2-liter detergent tank
  • 2030 PSI
  • 1.76 GPM
  • 1800-Watt motor
  • Weight of 16.95 pounds
  • Dimensions of 11.4 x 17.1 x 9.4 inches

Advantages Of The Product

  • Functional with long hose
  • Detergent tank is large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent power

2. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S

SIMPSON-Cleaning-MSH3125-S Pressure Washer Reviews

The gas-powered motor of the SIMPSON is a Honda motor with 190 cc engine capable of spraying 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM. You can choose between any of the five nozzle tips which attaches with quick-connect technology. The gas-powered pressure washer is maintenance free. the MegaShot is excellent for cleaning painting of exterior walls, outdoor furniture house siding, patios, decks and cars, boats and trucks, driveways and more. It has an abrasion and kink resistant hose made from Morflex.

Product Specification And Features

  • Fast experience with an OEM axial cam pump
  • Pneumatic tires for stability
  • 3100 PSI
  • Gas powered
  • 2.5 GPM
  • 25 feet hose
  • 40.6-ounce detergent tank
  • Honda GC190 engine
  • Five quick-connect nozzles
  • Ergonomic spray gun

Advantages Of The Product

  • Powerful and compact
  • Better cleaning with additional accessories
  • Corrosion resistant tube from Morflex

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Reviews

Sun-Joe-SPX3000 Pressure Washer Reviews

The Sun Joe is the best electric pressure cleaner at an affordable price. It has a convenient hose holder for storing and instead of a hose reel does it come with two detergent tanks that makes easy chemical injection possible. You have five nozzles with quick connect that allows you to choose the spray intensity. With an 1800-watt motor you have adequate power and the water per minute is 2030 PSI dishing out 1.76 gallons of water every minute. It is a versatile washer that allows you to clean from gardening equipment, lawn furniture, siding, decks and patios and driveways to name a few.

Product Specification And Features

  • Very fast nozzles action for continuous water supply
  • Excellent rear wheels make it highly maneuverable and mobile
  • Dual system tank
  • Removable tanks
  • 34-inch spray wand
  • Wheels for ease of moving

Advantages Of The Product

  • Safety lock that allows automatic shut off the pump
  • Manageable size
  • Fully electric washer


We trust you enjoyed reading through our top 10 best pressure washer. The decision now lies with you as into what you need the pressure washer for. As you can see are you getting different strengths, power options and sizes. You should choose according to personal preference, like gas-powered or electric, accessories, GPM and PSI and what you need it for predominantly.

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