Top 8 Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antennas Reviews In 2021

Televisions are critical devices and one of the most widely used household accessories. This is mainly because they considered being one of the major forms of entertainment in most homes. They are used to inform people about current happenings in their immediate environment as well as at a global scale. However, for the best view and sound quality when watching TVs, one is recommended to use an outdoor long-range antenna for TVs. The antennas are durable and they deliver HD sound and image, enhancing your watching experience. It is, however, challenging to spot the best outdoor antenna on the market due to the many brands and models available. To alleviate any confusion that might lead to loss of money and time, here is a top quality list of outdoor TV antennas of long range on the market. Pick the best that matches your taste, need and budget.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Pingbingding HD TV Antenna Outdoor

Pingbingding HD TV Antenna Outdoor

Are you an avid TV watcher? Then you know the value of having the best long-range TV antenna. For the best watching experience, buy this antenna. It will come with a free HDTV, giving you clear images and sound. You will be able to watch all kinds of programs from sports to sitcom and from local news to kids. It works well with both digital and analog TV, making it a great purchase for any TV owner. The
product is an outdoor multi-directional antenna, which receives digital signals and high definition. It is easy to install this TV antenna and so the process will not take much of your valuable time.


  • 150 miles range antenna
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to install

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7. Five Star Outdoor Antenna

Five Star Outdoor Antenna

For as long as 200 miles, this TV antenna can pick signals and give you HDTV with 360-degree rotation. The product features an EWEST design that comes with all the accessories you need to have it up and running. Therefore, it saves you the extra expenses you could have incurred if you bought other antennas on the market. You will love the auto gain control that this TV antenna comes with. It is a new technology that is responsible for adjusting top quality signal perception. This is the best long range antenna for your TV.


  • Easy installation
  • 2 extra UHF components
  • Windproof design

6. Pingbingding HDTV Antenna

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna

With 360 degrees rotation, this is one of the best outdoor TV antennas that you will find in the product broadcasts HD signals and allows the viewership of all programs ranging from sports to news. One of
the things you will love about this TV antenna is that it is easy to install. Therefore, you only use a few minutes of your time to have it up and running. For amazing convenience, this TV antenna features a wireless TV controller. It can also withstand the test of tough weather as it is wind resistant, making an amazing HDTV antenna.


  • Easy to reach support
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 360-degree rotation

5. BEFORE Outdoor Digital Antenna

BEFORE Outdoor Digital Antenna

This is an outdoor HDTV antenna that comes with a range of 150 miles and a 360-degree rotation. The product cannot be affected by tough weather including strong winds. To give you maximum confidence when buying this antenna, the manufacturer gives you a 1-year warranty and 45 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with its performance. Therefore, in case any issues or inconveniences arise, you are covered and so you do not have to incur repair expenses. It is a digital antenna that is USB powered, making it simple to place it at the appropriate place with amazing reception.


  • Full HD visibility and sound
  • 150 miles range
  • 33 ft long cable

4. BEFORE Long Range Outdoor Antenna

BEFORE Long Range Outdoor Antenna

This is one of the best TV antennas that you can find on the market in It comes with a weather resistant design that ensures that not even the strong winds can disrupt your experience. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy a theater-like watching experience at the comfort of your home. You will love the free and easy tool that brings you the best TV channels without involving any monthly subscriptions. The best thing about this antenna is that it can be mounted either indoors or outdoors.


  • 33 feet long cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Satisfaction guarantee

3. Antennas Direct ClearStream Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

Antennas Direct ClearStream Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

This is the best yet most fairly priced long range antenna that you will find in You can mount it either indoor or outdoors, depending on the area you are located and the weather condition. It features elements that are multi-directional giving reception and range in areas that are less than perfect. Due to the great confidence that the manufacturer has in the product, this antenna comes with a lifetime warranty on any of one of its parts. This implies that in case of any dysfunctions, you are already covered, saving you money in the long run. It is one of the best outdoor antennas on the market.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multidirectional elements
  • FullHD available

2. ViewTV Outdoor Antenna

ViewTV Outdoor Antenna

For so long now, this outdoor TV antenna has been a bestseller, meaning that it gives you value for your money. It features an adjustable mount to ensure that it is flexible enough to move and stay at the right signal reception. You operate this product with a wireless remote, making it easy to customize your channels at the comfort of your couch or bed. to enhance its flexibility, this HDTV antenna features a
360-degree rotation and has a 150 miles range. It is among the best long range HDTV antennas available at a pocket-friendly price. Order yours today as stocks last.


  • Adjustable
  • Wireless remote control
  • 150 miles range

1. RCA TV Antenna

RCA TV Antenna

For the best clarity of vision and sound, this is the best outdoor antenna of long range that you should invest in. It features 150 miles range and can be mounted at the roof or in the artic. The product comes with its mount and so you are spared from extra expenses that you could have incurred if it were other outdoor antennas. For the best antenna placement, use the RCA Signal-Finder app on both android and iOS operating systems. In spite of giving you 1080 HD quality sound and images, this product features a pocket-friendly price with no monthly subscriptions.


  • User-friendly app
  • Simple installation process
  • Durable construction

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