Top 8 Best Electric Bikes Kit Reviews In 2020

One could describe electric bikes as “bike version 2.0”. These bikes have become the talk of the town all over the world. Equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, these bikes provide a lightweight version of motorbikes plus the benefit of cycling with the option of pedaling assistance. Here are the Top 8 Best Electric Bike Kit,  which stand out from the pool with their impressive features.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Jetson Adventure Electric Bike

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike

The Jetson Adventure Bike is built for thrill seekers. The bike has focused design on providing the rider with superior control. The bike is fitted with front heavy duty shock absorbing system and a wide 9 level gear system. The adjustable seat height allows you to ride with comfort. The bike is capable of ascending a high inclination slope and achieving top speeds of over 22miles/hr.


  • 250-watt motor
  • 36 V Lithium-Ion battery
  • 9 level gear system
  • Extra strong wheels
  • LED Power Indicator

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7. NAKTO City Sporting Ebike

NAKTO City Sporting Ebike

The 22-inch NAKATO City Sporting Ebike is very popular because of fully featured design and compact frame. The bike is fitted with SHIMANO gear system to allow high inclination ascension with ease. Moreover, the 6-speed gear system can help you achieve high speeds of 20Miles/hr. The suspension fork has superb shock absorption characteristics and allows you to comfortably ride in various terrains at high speeds. The tires are specially made to withstand rough biking and provide slipping resistance during rainfall or winter season.


  • Removable battery-Waterproof
  • 36 V/10 AH Li-Ion Battery
  • DUAL Models
  • 250 Watt Brushless Motor
  • LCD battery display
  • 1 yr Motor warranty

6. Jetson Journey Battery Powered Ebike

The Jetson Journey Ebike offers a majestic Rear fitted 9-speed (gear) system. The battery can be fully charged within 6 hrs and lasts for a journey distance of around 30-35 miles at a stretch. The bike is capable of delivering a hybrid mechanical-electric power to propel you to a speed of 20 miles/hr. the bike is fitted with big 27.5 in wheels with special grooving design and material to allow traction and grip to the surface.


  • 9-speed system (gear)
  • Smart LCD display
  • 36V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 250 watt motor for Pedal
  • Rear Rack for carrying
  • Both front & back disc brakes

5. Jetson Rose Electric Ebike

Jetson Rose model has a unique set of features at such a competitive price. The aluminum alloy frame is ultra-light and strong at the same time. The frame can withstand a maximum load of 265-pound rider. The Power levels are indicated by the 5 LED’s with each LED corresponding to 20% Power. The battery is fitted with a lock and a key system to keep it secure. The automatic torque monitoring system allows motor assisting without the manual intervention.


  • 7-speed system (gear)
  • 5 levels of pedal assist
  • 27.5 in wheels
  • 36 V 10.4 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • 20mph max velocity
  • 40-mile drive in one go
  • Compact LCD display

4. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Electric Bikes have emerged as a forerunner among bikers community of late. The ANCHEER Folding bike is ultra-light and capable of being folded from the middle. The bike features a middle ground shock absorbing system and an ultra-strong aluminum frame. The charging time is roughly between 3-6 hrs. The tire is specially developed to grip the surface and prevent slipping on a rainy or snowy day. The Shimano system allows high climbing ability without any physical stress.


  • Premium Full Suspension
  • Shimano Gear
  • 26 in Alloy wheels
  • 36 V Li-Ion Battery
  • 250Watt Motor
  • Twin Working Mode

3. Ancheer Mountain Bike

The Ancheer Mountain bike features on the top because of the ton of features available. The battery can be removed to minimize the chances of theft. The aluminum double walled rims are highly durable, light, and robust and ensure minimum drag. The electric motor system and battery are completely sealed off and 100% waterproof. The 250W brushless motor is capable of propelling you to the speed of 15.5 miles/hour. Both rear and front wheels are fitted with disc brakes which ensure reliability during slippery rainy season or snowfall. The Shimano gear system enhances climbing power on high inclination roads and provides greater terrain adaptability.


  • Removable LG 36V 8Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • 30 Miles per Hour Top Speed
  • 250W stable brushless motor
  • Two-year warranty for electric motor
  • Shimano 21-Speed gear
  • Adjustable Motor assist
  • Light & Robust Aluminum Frame
  • High strength Front-wheel suspension

2. Jetson Bike-to-Go Folding Bicycle

Jetson Bike-to-Go Folding Bicycle

The most striking feature of the Jetson model is its easy folding design. The Jetson Bike-to-Go Folding Bicycle can be easily folded and put in the back of your truck. The dimensions when folded are a compact 23.75″ x 30.75″ x 11.80″ inches while expanded dimensions are 43.0″ x 60.0″ x 20.5″ inches. The bike features a unique behind the seat suspension which absorbs any stress or shocks associated with terrain. The only thing you need to be aware of is that all nuts and bolts are properly rounded and tightened and that’s it, you are free to roll.

  • 24″ inch Wheel
  • Lightweight 32lbs
  • V brakes
  • Rear Hydraulic Shock Suspension
  • Foldable Pedals
  • Super Strong Aluminum alloy frame
  • 7 Speed (Gear) system

1. Jetson Electric Mountain Bike

Jetson Electric Mountain Bike

This Jetson Mountain bike model stands out for the monstrous power it delivers. The bike has rear fitted gear system capable of propelling your bike to speed limits of 20mph and a distance of 40 miles in one go. The motor delivers double the usual 250W power without any high energy consumption. If you want to charge your bike, just connect it to 110V supply and it charges 100% within 4 hrs.


  • 36 V Li-Ion Battery
  • Powerful 500 W motor
  • LCD display for stats
  • Intelligent Motor assist
  • 26 in Alloy wheels

Electric bikes are a great piece of modern technology. They have become a rage among the adventure loving generation. Riding up towards the mountaintop has never been easier, cheaper and filled with fun and joy. However, these also demand careful maintenance and monitoring. Natural events like rainfall crashes and mechanical failure are just a few parameters which undermine Electric Bikes. However, if you choose the right bike with a warranty on key parts like motor and battery etc. it can definitely be a product worth your money. The above-mentioned bikes have shown consistent sales and feedbacks from customers have been encouraging. Hence readers advised to carefully choose a bike within their own range of requirements.

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