Top 8 Best Dust Free Cat Litter Reviews In 2021

Most people are passionate pet keepers. However, most pet lovers usually lack knowledge about basic cat products and how to use them. One should know what to look for while purchasing a product related to your pet. Anticipating whether your pet would love the change is key to being a passionate pet keeper. Cat litters are available in different form like clumping vs. Nonclumping, dustless, scented vs. unscented etc. To know what type suits your cat, here listed Top 8 Best Dust Free Cat Litter, which are the best dustless cat litter available currently in the market.

The Best Selling Products

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8. SmartCat All Natural

SmartCat All Natural

SmartCat clumping litter has become one of the top selling cat litters because, despite its simple ingredients, it is highly effective. The ingredients are all natural and mixed in a unique proportion to obtain a clumping litter. The litter is effective because it has the capacity to absorb moisture and smell without leaving any trace. The comparisons with simple clay show that ordinary clay leaves uncovered cat litter and causes a foul odor. However, SmartCat litter creates total covering around cat litter and eliminates any chances of smell.


  • Outclasses simple clay every day
  • Totally natural
  • Biodegradable & Environment-friendly
  • 99% dust elimination
  • Zero smell/foul odor
  • Unscented.
  • Made from 100% grass

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7. Purina Tidy Light-Weight

Purina Tidy Light-Weight

Tidy Cat Clumping Litter is an awesome product with all the key ingredients. The product comes in a bucket which is surprisingly very light. However, the key to its superb performance lies in the active charcoal formulae. The activated charcoal has a highly porous structure which absorbs all the moisture and smell of the cat litter. It keeps your cat house clean for at least 2 weeks without the need for a change. Like most other litters it is unscented yet highly effective in eliminating odors.


  • 17 lb Pail
  • Tested Ammonia Blocker
  • Forms clumps for easy removal
  • TidyLock Technology odor elimination
  • Zero %Dyes or Fragrances

6. Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light

Cat's Pride Fresh and Light

Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light litter is highly effective and is available in 15lb, 21lb, and 28lb respectively. The litter is not too fine-grained, its grainy in texture and effective in forming clumps to remove odors without any trace. It also does not cause any tracking and does not contaminate your house or bed etc. The cat litter is also ultra-light and easy to handle.


  • Prevents smell development
  • Low dust formula
  • Quick action
  • Granulated
  • Zero Tracing

5. Cat Litter Clumping Formula

Cat Litter Clumping Formula

Cat Litter Clumping Formula is one of the best products currently available in the market. The formula is 100% synthesized from natural ingredients. It’s developed with a view to allow easy cleaning and forms clumps instantaneously. Cleaning requires minimum effort as clumps formed can be scooped easily and removed. To dispose off the waste, it’s safe to flush the clumps due to its biodegradable nature. If you have multiple cats you have options of 28 lb. bag as well.


  • 99% Dust Free
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Effective Odor Control
  • Easy cleaning & scooping
  • 7lb, 14lb and 28lb bags available

4. Cat’s Pride Ultimate Care

Cat's Pride Ultimate Care

The Cat’s Pride Fresh Litter is another great product which satisfies all needs of a cat owner. The product is long lasting and provides ten-day odor control at a stretch without the need for replacement. Even if you pour into the cat house from a height, it does not form loose dust which is great. It’s made with a hypoallergenic formula to minimize any chances of developing allergies. The grain size is extremely carefully set to avoid any tracking with pet’s fur.


  • Immediate & Continuous odor control
  • Perfect Granule size
  • No home contamination
  • Lightweight package
  • 12 pound Pack

3. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Litter

One thing you are assured with Arm And Hammer Litter is that you have absolute best dust control and zero tracking with your pet cat. The litter is the perfect choice if you have small kittens in the house. If you are using a finely grained litter; kittens can ingest it and it can cause pain and even death. The tracking of litter is also a food contaminant and becomes problem over time. Its quick action ensures no smell or traces are left.


  • Available in 14lb, 19lb, 27.5lb ,38lb and 40lb packs
  • Odor Free for 1 week (7days guaranteed)
  • Odor stays locked
  • Perfect granule size
  • Fresh & light scent

2. Ever Clean Extra Unscented

Ever Clean Extra Unscented

Ever Clean is manufactured by the company which values customer’s money hence it provides about 42lb in one pack, meaning 12lb more than usual litter packs. The product is a huge success due to its ability to lock in moisture immediately, locks away odors completely and provides long-lasting freshness for a minimum of 10 days. Its certified ammonia shield destroys smell immediately on contact with the cat litter. One outstanding feature its hygiene, which prevents bacterial growth.


  • Activated Charcoal odor removal
  • Antimicrobial formula inhibits microbial multiplication
  • The unscented formula to avoid allergies
  • Charcoal in both free and bonded form

1. Cat’s Pride Ultimate Care Scented

Cat's Pride Ultimate Care Scented

Cats Pride Fresh is the ultimate cat litter product. Its durability and long-term consistent performance are unparalleled. Its absolute best stats include lasting for 35 days with 140 clumps with zero smell. It’s not only completely dustless due to its rigid and porous granules which do not break down to form dust, this means there is also minimal tracking with your cat. It can be used with kittens or multiple cats as well. The scent associate with this litter is just a fresh air fragrance, nothing more.


  • Absolute strongest Clumps
  • Superior odor control
  • Long-term solution
  • Zero tracking
  • Moisture absorption by clumps
  • 50% lighter than others
  • Zero leakage 1 month guarantee

The best cat litter nowadays includes mild scent and long lasting solution so as to avoid repetitive cleaning chores. The odor control is a must-have feature for a litter to be considered a good quality product. The above products include a solution for all of these problems plus most of these are biodegradable and environment-friendly. Readers are requested not to consider fine-grained litter products or highly scented products as cats are animals of habit. They tend to reject any changes. Hence ultimately it’s not the product but the cat which dictates the choice.

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