Top 8 Best Bras For Small Breasts Reviews In 2021

Which are the best brassieres for small breasts? This depends on many factors. For instance, what is the size of your breasts? Small breasts do not require a lot of support. Therefore, buying one of the padded and underwired brassieres that cost a fortune is not mandatory. The material of your preferred brassiere also matters. No matter the size of your breasts, a high quality brassier made from a quality material will serve you well. Finally, look for a product with an optimal fit. Check your cup size and use that as a guide whenever you are shopping offline or online. Here are some good ones.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Smart+Sexy Signature Lace Bra

Smart+Sexy Signature Lace Bra

Devoid of the structure of size of their breasts, most women want to look nice. They wear fancy clothes. They also look out for premium underwear, which includes brassieres. Recommended for women with small breasts, this push-up lace model from Smart+Sexy is one of the most popular. Its colors are diverse. Whether you are looking for a white, black, or purple brassiere for an upcoming occasion, you can get one online. Made from nylon (94%), it also has a light all lace design with an underwire for support. Your breasts will fit comfortably in this brassiere. It will also lift and shape them well, and boost your self-confidence as a result. Smart+Sexy is washable by hand.


  • Premium nylon (95%)
  • Adjustable closure/straps
  • Light and underwired cups
  • Comes in many colors

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7. Rosme Balconette Bra

Rosme Balconette Bra

Do you like wearing tight V-neck tops that flaunt your cleavage? Are you looking for a premium brassier that can complement this look? This cleavage-enhancing balconette one from Rosme stands out in many ways. Made from cotton (22%), nylon (69%), and spandex (9%), it has a light and comfortable design. It also has a stretch mesh insert at the bottom, which is breathable as well. While in use, therefore, this brassiere will adapt to the structure of your breast and accentuate their look as well. Both cups have padding for comfort. They also have removable underwire, which pushes the breasts up without irritating wearers. At school, work, or a local party, you can wear Rosme throughout the day without challenges.


  • Cleavage enhancing design
  • Foam-lined cups (light)
  • Non-irritant underwire support
  • Hand washable material
  • Line dry safe brassiere

6. Hanes Concealing Petals

Hanes Concealing Petals

Because of their distaste for underwired brassieres, many women with small breast opt to go out without bras. This is acceptable. However, to smooth out your nipples, uphold your modesty, and look good at the same time, consider wearing one. Hanes Concealing Petals, for instance, is a comfortable underwired one with padded cups (100% polyurethane). The cups are smooth yet sturdy. Both cups also have smooth polyester linings (100%) that do not irritate the delicate skin of breasts. Even whilst lactating, thus, you can wear them for long without issues. If you like wearing tight clothes, you will love the sleek petal concealers that this brassier comes with. These smooth out and hide nipples without irritating wearers. During an upcoming interview, thus, a new one will help you uphold your modesty in official wear.


  • Padded cups (polyurethane)
  • Polyester lining (100%)
  • Sleek petal concealers
  • Adjustable spaghetti straps
  • Durable hand washable bra

5. Maidenform Comfort Devotion

Maidenform Comfort Devotion

To look good and feel great at the same time, Maidenform Comfort Devotion is a suitable product to use. Made from nylon and elastane, its stretchy design is not only durable but also supportive. The material also has a luxurious suede feel that is beneficial in two way. First, it does not stick to clothing. It is also safe for women with both normal and sensitive skins. The structure of Maidenform’s cups also stands out. For optimal support, both have neatly tucked underwires that do not dig into the skin. They also have soft padding made from cloud foam that benefits women in two way. First, its soft and comfortable structure cushions the breasts. It also smooths cups and improves the outlook of this brassiere under clothes.


  • Cloud foam padding
  • Stylish embellishments
  • Luxurious suede feel
  • Neatly tucked underwires
  • Hook and eye closure

4. Vanity Fair Beauty

Vanity Fair Beauty

Vanity Fair Beauty is a supportive full figure brassiere made from nylon (78%) and spandex (22%). Instead of installing underwires, Vanity has upgraded the design of this brassiere to boost its style and support. Its bonded frame, for instance, is super-stable. It cradles and supports small to medium sized breasts without irritation. The 4-way stretch nylon fabric used to make it improved its performance further. Its smooths bulges and bumps along the back of wearers. It also shapes breasts to create a well-defined and natural-looking bust. You can wash Vanity Fair Beauty by hand without damaging its structure. Both straps are wide, adjustable, and fitted with leotards at the back, which keep them in place. They do not bunch, roll over the shoulder, or dig into the skin of women, as cheap ones do.


  • Four-way stretch nylon (78%)
  • Stable bonded frame
  • Hand washable brassiere
  • Wire-free cups (contoured)
  • Straps with leotard (adjustable)

3. Hanes Comfort Evolution

Hanes Comfort Evolution

To have a seamless and sleek silhouette under clothes, Hanes Comfort Evolution should be your go-to brassiere. This wire-free beige themed item has a comfortable and eye-catching design. It also comes in navy, beige, and heather prints, which are equally admirable. In terms of performance, this brassiere does not lag behind. The exclusive elastic trims on its edges maintain its structure. After several washes, it does not stretch nor shrinks. Its sweetheart neck flaunts the cleavage modestly, while its unlined cups offer full coverage of the breasts for optimal support. As such, you can wear it to the gym without it looking out of place. Worn under tight T-shirts and blouses, it improves the outlook of women while maximizing comfort.


  • Stretch and shrink proof
  • Wire-free cups (unlined)
  • Stylish sweetheart neckline
  • Sleek and seamless silhouette

2. Warner’s Underwire Bra

Warner's Underwire Bra

With Warner’s, you do not have to worry about wires nor the side effects associated with cheap materials. Made from 80% nylon, its smooth and comfortable luster appeals to women. It does not irritate breasts nor traps a lot of heat even when worn for long. The panels on its side are smooth and free of elastics. They smooth out the back and breasts to improve the look of women. Finally, whether you are tall or short, this is the brassiere for you. The wide and adjustable straps on this underwire brassiere are convenient.


  • Wide adjustable straps
  • Machine washable material
  • Double closure (hook and eye)
  • Comfortable foam cups
  • Stretchy side panels (elastic-free)

1. Bali Passion Minimizer

Bali Passion Minimizer

Are you uncomfortable with the shape of your breasts? Does the way they protrude from your clothes at work or school annoy you? Look for this Passion minimizer brassier from Bali. Its breathable cotton cups (75%) shape and stifle the protrusion of breasts. It also has a slimming effect on the bust without compromising support or comfort in any way. Encased in its fabric, for instance, both underwires are hidden and non-irritant. Its adjustable closures ease the customization of its fit, while its smoothly lining benefits women with sensitive breasts. It does not chaff nor irritates the skin.


  • Silky smooth lining
  • Noticeable slimming effect
  • Breathable cotton cups
  • Hidden and non-irritant wires

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