Top 8 Best Bras For Lift And Support Reviews In 2021

After a day’s work, many women complain of a sharp pain on their chests, which radiates to their shoulders and back. Even though underlying cardiovascular diseases can cause pain, faulty brassieres are mostly to blame. Loose or ill-fitting brassieres, for instance, do not support breasts as needed. As a result, heavy breasts pull and strain the muscles of the chest, which often leads to pain and suffering. Left unchecked, serious complications such as torn muscles are common among women with large breasts. To avoid such problems, pay attention to the type and the quality of brassiere that you wear every day. The material used to make it should be durable and comfortable. Moreover, support and lift should be optimal. The following eight brands offer these and many other benefits.

The Best Selling Products

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8. DELIMIRA Non-Padded Bra

DELIMIRA Non-Padded Bra

The breast consists mainly of soft adipose tissues, which tear easily if you do not support them well. They are also sensitive and prone to irritation if exposed to rough and poorly finished materials. To secure your well and prevent such issues, you need a soft and comfortable brassiere such as DELMIRA. Made from spandex (8%) and polyester (92%), its stretchy and non-padded design is super comfortable. It also has a sturdy full cup design that covers and lifts the breasts optimally whilst in use. At work or school, your breasts will not sag out of shape. Its wide straps pamper the shoulder, while its smooth cups do not show under light blouses and T-shirts. During your date nights, therefore, you will not only enjoy optimal support but also look good as well. DELIMIRA sewn-in edge optimizes fit.


  • Full coverage sports bra
  • Smooth polyester (92%) fabric
  • Broad and comfortable straps
  • Wire-free cups (non-padded)
  • Stretchy sewn-on elastic edge

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7. Bali Beauty Shaping & Lift Bra

Bali Beauty Shaping & Lift Bra

Do you struggle to lift, support, and shape your breasts using the work out brassiere in your possession? If you mind your outlook and safety, order Bali Beauty today. Its underwired cups maximize support. As you walk to work or play outdoors with your kids, it will keep your breasts shapely and well secured. Moreover, the blended nylon used to make the front (77%) and back (76%) of its cups is soft and comfortable. On a day-to-day basis, you can wear it for hours at work without irritation. It also has strengthened seams that maximize lift and stretchy top lace that optimizes its fit. If you order the right size, Bali Beauty will not show under your T-shirt or blouse. Its straps and closure are adjustable.


  • Adjustable straps (wide)
  • Lightly padded cups (nylon)
  • Stretchy top lace
  • Supportive underwire
  • Hook and eye closure

6. CurveMuse Minimizer

CurveMuse Minimizer

Many full-figured women have a hard time finding comfortable brassieres with supportive cups. Most of the time, they settle for flimsy brands that compromise their look and predispose them to back injuries. If you are one of them, you will love the CurveMuse Minimizer. Customized for full-bodied women, its users enjoy optimal support from the back and sides. Its cups also hug, lift, and separate breasts, which leaves the bust looking toned and shapely. This is an underwired brassiere. However, comfort is its middle name for several reasons. Made from 88% nylon, for instance, its cups and light and soothing. It also has a seamless design with padded straps and an adjustable hook and eye closure for customizing its fit.


  • No risk guarantee (30 days)
  • Comfortable nylon (88%) fabric
  • Hook and eye closure (adjustable)
  • Supportive underwired cups
  • Wide and adjustable straps

5. Glamorise MagicLift

Glamorise MagicLift

Back, shoulder and chest injuries are commonest among active plus size women. However, to avoid such complications, you do not have to strap yourself to a chair at home. If you can afford a new Glamorise MagicLift brassier, you will go about your day-to-day activities without issues. This active support bra has a sturdy design with a cushioned inner bust that maximizes lift. It also supports and defines the breasts to keep the bust looking shapely all day long. Do you sweat profusely in your tight synthetic brassiere? Glamorise MagicLift is also for you. Its cotton-blend cups have moisture-wicking properties. They keep breasts cool and dry all year long. Finally, its hand washable design has comfortable adjustable straps. Under load, they do not thin out nor dig into the skin of women.


  • Padded straps (adjustable)
  • Hand washable brassier
  • Excellent lift and support
  • Moisture-wicking cups
  • Cushioned inner-bust

4. Glamorise Plus-Size Magic Lift

Glamorise Plus-Size Magic Lift

Are you a plus-sized woman with heavy breasts? Are you looking for a cushioned sports brassiere that you can adjust to fit your body size? Here are a few reasons why you might enjoy wearing this Glamorise Plus-Size Magic Lift model. By adjusting its eyes and hooks, for instance, you can adjust its fit on demand. Made from 50% polyamide and 40% polyester, on the other hand, its full-figure design is ideal for plus-size women. Its inner band bust, for instance, has pads that support breasts. It also has a scalloped edge, inserts on cups, and a patented MagicLift system that shapes and defines breasts. It does not use wires.


  • Adjustable closure (hook and eye)
  • Patented MagicLift technology
  • Adjustable bands (wider)
  • Hand washable brassiere
  • No wire technology
  • Comfortable blended fabric

3. Glamorise MagicLift Front Close

Glamorise MagicLift Front Close

Most women use support bras to lift and shape their breasts. However, did you know that such accessories are suitable for improving posture as well? If your heavy breasts have caused your breasts to slouch a bit, this Front Close MagicLift brassiere from Glamorise is a good remedy. Its stylish V-neck design has shapely and non-padded cups that support the breasts comfortably. Stitches (zigzag) are sturdy, while its tough support bands have posture aiding properties that women love. If you adjust it to the right size, expect a significant improvement in your posture over time. Made from cotton (20%), polyester (30%), and nylon (40%), Glamorise MagicLift is a long lasting and hand washable brassiere.


  • Hand washable nylon blend fabric
  • Shapely V-neck design
  • Durable zigzag stitches
  • Extra wide back straps (adjustable)
  • Adjustable front hook closure

2. Glamorise Full Figure MagicLift

Glamorise Full Figure MagicLift

In Glamorise’s collection of full figure brassieres, this MagicLift one is among the most popular sport-grade models. If you struggle with bounce control whilst working out, for instance, it is a dependable remedy. The non-stretch fabric used to make it supports and controls breasts well whilst working out. Its seamless design is comfortable, while its reinforced wire-free cups induce a flattering lift on breasts. Apart from working out, you can wear it to an upcoming date night with good results. Made from 75% polyester, this is a breathable brassiere. In hot weather, the material wicks off heat and sweat from the breasts to keep its wearers comfortable.


  • Good bounce control
  • Comfortable polyester (75%)
  • Seamless no-stretch design
  • Moisture-wicking brassiere
  • Sturdy closure (hook and eye)

1. Playtex Wire-Free Bra

Playtex Wire-Free Bra

You do not need one of the bulky wired brassieres to support and shape your breasts. Designed to offer ultimate support and lift in a lightweight package, Playtex offers better results. Its blended fabric (nylon, cotton, polyester, and spandex) has a smooth and comfortable finish. Moreover, after many washes, it retains its shape and structure well. It not only accentuates breasts but also creates a shapely and natural outlook that women love. The thick cushioned straps on Playtex do not roll over easily.


  • Thick roll proof straps
  • Good support and lift
  • Comfortable 4-way support
  • Cushioned straps (roll proof)
  • Naturally shaped lift panels

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